About Us

Ratetrades is a Winnipeg based business created by entrepreneurs who are also homeowners. We all have had good and bad experiences regarding home renovations projects.

One commonality emerged: We all found it impossible to source reliable, trusted trades

Our Vision

We want to change that in 2 ways:

Provide an unbiased resource for consumers to find reliable trades that have been rated - by the public - on their merit.

Provide a platform for small/medium trades to grow their business based on positive feedback.

We put our resources together and came up with Ratetrades - created by and for Canadians. Ratetrades came about because we feel so strongly about accountability in the building trade. Equally there are many fantastic, energetic newcomers to the marketplace who find it incredibly difficult to grow their business due to an unlevel playing field and expensive marketing overheads.

The success of Ratetrades depends on your feedback and reviews. By sharing your experiences you are empowering someone to make smarter choices tomorrow.

Best Regards,
The Ratetrades Team


Our Good Looking Team

Drawings by: Sebastian and Catherine K.
Thanks Kids!