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Drywall Winnipeg

Who can I trust to do my drywall in Winnipeg?

Drywall is the most common material used in the construction of walls and ceilings in residential homes.  Drywall while extremely effective as a building material is susceptible to water damage.  Drywall in Winnipeg is particularly vulnerable to water damage in areas where flooding occurs.  That’s why repairing drywall in Winnipeg homes can occur frequently during the life of your home.  So whether it’s for repair or renovation most home owners will be in need a drywall contractor at some point.

What do I look for in a drywall contractor?

There are so many contractors who do drywall in Winnipeg, finding one who does high quality, affordable work can be overwhelming.  So how do I choose from all the contractors that do drywall in Winnipeg?

Most drywall contractors, or lathers, have a Certificate of Qualification.  Certification is a great start, but not necessarily the only consideration when making selecting a contractor. When searching for drywall contractors in Winnipeg, certification may not equate to quality craftsmanship.

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When reviewing drywall contractors in Winnipeg consider the following questions - Are they trustworthy? Is the quality of their work known?  Do they stand behind their work with some form of guarantee? Are they priced reasonably? How do drywall contractors in Winnipeg compare to one another? is your resource to finding the right drywall specialist.  Search our database of contractors focused on drywall in Winnipeg and discover a deep list of drywall contractors in Winnipeg as well as customer reviews of the contractors you are considering.  As you develop your prospective list, we encourage you to find our more. 


  • Confirm they have some form of insurance.  Any contractor should carry workman’s compensation as well as liability insurance.
  • See if they guarantee their work. Only deal with a drywall contractor who stands behind what they do.
  • Get three quotes or more.  Contractors want your business and are willing to take the time and effort to build out a proper quote.  In the quote look for a complete scope of work, listed assumptions and clear payment terms.  At least 50% of the cost should be paid after project is completed.

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