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General Contractor

Do I need a general contractor?

Christmas renovations. A good general contractor oversees and coordinates the project.  The role of a general contractor is to hire subcontractors, specialists who tackle certain elements of a project, as well as manage all aspects of the project to ensure a successful, accurate completion of your vision.

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However, selecting a general contractor is even more challenging than choosing a standard contractor.   Since general contractors handle all aspects of the project, you have less insight into who is doing the work and how things are done.  Further, there are always dozens of general contractors to choose from.  Some things to consider are - Does the general contractor you are considering employ the best subcontractors? Are they reliable? Do they guarantee their work? Is a general contractor price competitive compared to managing the project yourself? The right general contractor will streamline your project so you can rest easy.  The wrong general contractor could cost you thousands. Ensure that all the building permits are applied for and get inspected to code. can help.  Christmas Renovations?  We’re here to help you find the general contractor who is already proven. provides independent reviews of general contractors as well as sub-contractors from actual people who already hired the contractors you are considering.

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