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Winnipeg Painters

Selecting the right Winnipeg painters?

Whether you are engaging in a major home renovation, addition or just brightening up a room, painting it right is the crowning touch to any project.  Unfortunately, there are too many stories of projects gone wrong with sub-par paint jobs for sub-par painters.  For any job, a great painter can make the final product spectacular.  Winnipeg painters are no different.  So, when beginning any project selecting a talented, qualified painter is essential.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of painters in the Winnipeg area who claim they can do the job.  To find a seasoned, quality painter at an affordable price is a challenge task. 

What is the best way to secure great painters in Winnipeg?  

Many Winnipeg painters have a Certificate of Qualification in Manitoba.  In this case, certification is not necessarily the best reason to select a painter.  Certification does not equal great work.

Are you interested in Winnipeg Roofing?

Seek out painters who are design and detailed oriented, highly recommended, and cost conscious. has a large database of Winnipeg painters.  You can search Winnipeg painters and read reviews of them from people who already used the painters you might consider.  Once you’ve established your “short” list, take the next step and do the following:

  • Confirm they have some form of insurance.  Winnipeg painters should be covered for workman’s compensation and liability.
  • Get a guarantee of work. If something goes wrong with a paint job, the whole project feels like a failure.  Even little things like drips and bubbles should be corrected at no cost to you.  You want a painter who is bothered by imperfection as you, so choose only from the best Winnipeg painters.
  • You need three quotes.  Just like most subcontractors, painters want your business and will work to get it.  Be sure to get within the quote a detailed outline of the scope of work, spelled out assumptions and concise breakouts of the cost and payment terms.

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