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Winnipeg Contractors

Looking for great Winnipeg contractors?

Searching for contractors in Winnipeg?

There are hundreds of Winnipeg contractors out there.  Finding the right contractors in the Winnipeg area can be difficult.  There are many issues in choosing the right contractor such as reliability, quality of work and, of course, the price.  Also, you need to decide if you need a general contractor who will manage the project including overseeing all the trades specialists.  So, how do you find the right contractor or general contractor among all the choices of Winnipeg contractors?    

Finding the best of the Winnipeg contractors is your guide in navigating the vast sea of Winnipeg contractors.  We provide independent customer reviews of hundreds of Winnipeg contractors.  All of the reviews are totally anonymous so you get only honest information.  All reviews are verified that they come from real customers who had actually used the services of the contractor they reviewed.  Simply search for the name of contractor in the Winnipeg area or by their specialty.
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Contractors vs. General Contractors

Your home is your most important asset.  Remodeling and adding to your home is a major investment of your time and money.  Choosing the right people to work on your home can be a stressful, over whelming task.  If you’re considering a larger project, you might consider using a general contractor.

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A general contractor is the foreman of the project.  They oversee and coordinate all aspects of the project answering to you.  The general contractor coordinates the specialists, such as electricians and plumbers, as well as manages the different aspects of the project.  It is their job to ensure the project is successful and you are happy.  

Finding the right Winnipeg general contractor

Choose a general contractor in Winnipeg can prove challenging.   Since general contractors handle all aspects of the project, you have less insight into who is doing the work and how things are done.  Some things to consider are - Does the general contractor employ the best subcontractors? Are they reliable? Do they guarantee their work? Is a Winnipeg general contractor price competitive compared to managing the project yourself? The right general contractor will streamline your project so you can rest easy.  The wrong general contractor could cost you thousands. can help.  We’re here to help you find the general contractor in Winnipeg. provides independent reviews of general contractors as well as sub-contractors from actual people who already hired the contractors you are considering.

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