Contact Info

Contact: Sarah De Klein, CEO
Cell: (204) 298-2698
Company name: Ratetrades Inc.
Company address: Suite 241, 162-2025 Corydon Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3P 0N5
Telephone: 1-888-506-RATE
Fax: 1-888-506-3507

Sarah De Klein Bio

SARAH DE KLEIN is a businesswoman & entrepreneur. She was brought up and educated in Ireland where she attended UCD Business School. She spent 10 years working in the world's largest electrical heating business. She has consulted on developing new strategies for the emerging telecoms markets in Ireland and been part of an investment team in Pharmaceutical Research & Development. During her years working in Europe she has consulted to prestigious firms to include World Cruising, the world’s leading sailing rally specialist and has rolled out a number of successful e-ventures. She is passionate about transparency and fully competitive markets.

She lives in Winnipeg with her husband Stephan and their 2 children.


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